Mental Health Consultant/Educator


Available as a non-testifying expert consultant/educator specializing in: Domestic violence victims, high conflict relationships, effective communication, psychopathology, substance abuse/dependence, divorce, identifying abusive/manipulative language and behavior, best interests of children/child development

Litigation support including but not limited to: Assisting from the start of a case to ensure an accurate narrative or to change the existing narrative of a case by including previously missed information or manipulated context; identifying important contextual information for a case; intensely scrutinizing written communication to identify subtle problems that often go unnoticed; educating and emotionally supporting litigants; providing privileged consultation and education directly to attorneys and assisting with case conceptualization; assisting with clarifying allegations of domestic violence, parental alienation or restrictive gatekeeping; quality assurance - finding errors in logic, missing pieces and bias; assisting attorneys in challenging foreseeable theories or strategies of the opposing party; identifying client liabilities and strengths, both minimizing liabilities and enhancing strengths; and reviewing other mental health professionals' evaluation and treatment - identifying biases in evaluations as well as strengths and weaknesses of treatment.